Wilhelm Ernst GmbH -

Comprehensive logistics at two locations in Hamburg: professional - reliable - flexible

Ernst Logistik

As a reliable logistics partner, the company Wilhelm Ernst GmbH provides all required services around tank containers and tank trucks at two central locations in Hamburg.

Service location for tank containers in the port of Hamburg


Altenwerder Hauptstraße 2 - 21129 Hamburg

- Directly next to the motorway A7
- Exit Hamburg-Waltershof


Located next to the Container Terminal Altenwerder within the port of Hamburg, Ernst Logistik provides well-proven full service for tank containers:

  • Depot
  • Storage of empty and loaded tank containers
  • Hazardous material storage
  • Repair service
  • Cleaning
  • Heating
  • Tank container transports

Service location for tank trucks, silo trucks and tank containers in the south of Hamburg


Försterkamp 3 - 21149 Hamburg

- Directly next to the motorway A7
- Exit Hamburg-Heimfeld


Ernst Logistik provides professional cleaning service on three cleaning lines for the internal cleaning of tank and silo vehicles as well as accompanied tank containers.

  • Cleaning and heating service
  • Cleaning of food and nonfood products
  • Cleaning of chemical and ADR products
  • Separate food cleaning line
  • Central location for the shipping industry